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Are you tired of wasting time sifting through endless profiles, trying to make the best choice? I have a solution for you.

Introducing my exclusive online screening service, designed to streamline your dating journey. Here is how it works:

Fill out a Form

Answer unique questions that delve deeper than typical dating platforms, providing me with profound insights about you.

Book a Zoom Call

Schedule a 50-minute Zoom call with me to discuss your answers in detail and understand your perspective.

Receive Your Risk Match Score (RMS)

Your RMS will reflect your ability to form deep connections with others. While improving your RMS is optional, I’m here to help if you wish.

Additionally, when you complete the initial form, you can join a pool of potential candidates. This allows me to match you with someone with a similar RMS, increasing the chances of a meaningful connection.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional online dating, and let me help you find your perfect match.