Beyond Frequency: Cultivating a Truly Healthy Sexual Relationship


Elizabeth McGrath

Show Notes

As a relationship therapist and coach, the topic of sex and the disagreements surrounding sex are not uncommon in my office. Mostly, the disagreement communicated to me is due to the lack of frequency from those who identify themselves as male in gender.

As my guest, Elizabeth McGrath, a sex and relationship therapist and sexuality educator located in the Los Angeles area, explains so eloquently, sexuality and exploring ones preferences, level of desire, and frequency widely varies across different individuals, as well as across the lifespan of the couplestime together.

Ms. McGrath works with individuals and couples, guiding them as they learn to value their pleasure and overcome obstacles to satisfying sexual selfexpression, resulting in exhilarating sex lives, embodied attachment, and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

In 2011, Elizabeth graduated with a masters in social work and became a certified yoga instructor and somatic breath worker, which added a physical and breathfocused level to her work. Trained in the Somatica Method, she speaks both locally and internationally about sexuality, gender, sexual expression, and sexual performativity.

Learn more about Elizabeth McGrath at thesomaticsextherapist.com

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