How A Skilled Raiser of Venture Capital and Founder Harmonizes Work and Life


Alexander Harmsen

Show Notes

Alexander Harmsen is an experienced tech entrepreneur, CEO, board member, and advisor, having founded multiple successful companies and organizations. His work has seen him produce multiple AI-driven products, scale sales globally, hire world-class executives, manage hundreds of employees, raise over $30M in venture capital, and successfully navigate an M&A process. He is focused on hard problems that have a meaningful impact on the world, with 2 kids, and a wife who is equally as ambitious, running her own venture-backed pharma tech business.

As I interviewed Alex, I saw many congruencies between running a good business and running a good relationship. If one person’s energy causes a cog in the wheel to break, the whole system can shut down. If one team member is not in sync with the rest of the team, the system will not work. Sometimes, the answer is not just to solve the problem as you would a math equation; it can be much more delicate than that. Alex has the same mindset as a skilled founder as he does as a partner and a dad. This conversation advocates for the willingness to be curious and take the time to answer the questions posed to you, whether it is from a team member, your child or your spouse. These little nuisances are worth investing your time into.

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