Entrepreneurs and Executives



It is time to start your engines. We are about to go on a drive that will end at your sought out goal. Before you read another word, ask yourself…

What is your goal and WHY is it important to you?



My “25 Percent” Program” is for Entrepreneurs and Executives who are goal-orientated, high-energy, and self-driven, but just need some fuel to ignite and unleash their full potential.


Here’s the thing…


As a woman running a business I despised the two words ‘Business + Plan’. The idea of planning out my business or career goals made my skin crawl. I believed it to be constrictive and constrained, not to mention the pressure to complete certain tasks in a certain amount of time. My reasoning behind this was it went against the grain of why I wanted to break free of being managed by someone. I wanted to manage my team. I wanted to manage my time. I wanted freedom. 

Now I realize that without the glass or some sort of structure to hold the water, you cannot drink the water out of a glass. In other words, you may find yourself drinking out of a firehose at times or lapping the water off the countertop. The truth is, we all need structure, limits, and confinements to hold the free-flowing part of us. Hence, we do need a playbook. Otherwise, you start questioning whether or not you have ADHD. I know I did. 

Both feminine and masculine energy is needed in all aspects of your life, business, personal and otherwise. One needs to balance the other. Yin with the yang.


And thus I am here to bust the myth that one cannot mix business with pleasure. 


I define structure as ‘masculine energy’ and pleasure as ‘feminine energy’. The masculine plan or structured confinements are necessary for the powerful feminine energy to flow freely. 

And if you don’t think water is powerful, I suspect you also didn’t know that the Hoover Dam generates enough electricity to power a city of 750, 000 people. 

If I could interview Kim Campbell or Margaret Thatcher on my Podcast I Think, I Can, I would ask just one question: 

Do you think women are too emotional to make good leaders?

I know what their answers would be – that is not why I want to ask them the question. I am much more interested in knowing what their body language would be…

You too?

If any of this sounds interesting to you, then you will want to step into my “25 Percent” Program where I provide you with the structure and you utilize your emotion as the powerhouse to fuel your engine. 

Mixing Business With Pleasure is Absolutely Possible

But you need to do it the right way. The emulsifier that allows the two to mix is called Intention. Without setting your intention, without checking your daily plan, and moving ahead with that day’s tasks, you have nothing. The ‘flow’ lacks no power. The water cannot generate power without resistance. You need structure. You need a plan and you need execution of that plan.